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We believe convenient and straightforward health options should be the rule, not the exception.  Founded by guys weary of over-complicated and far reaching products, Favor shots combine convenience, drinkability and actual, real life benefits.  

We don’t make wild claims, reference mythical remedies or overstate the severity of your problems - we simply provide drinkable shots that make you feel better.  All of our ingredients have been proven and formulas thoroughly vetted to ensure this - most notably, our signature flavored Apple Cider Vinegar shots.  

People are busy and while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is super important, it shouldn't demand constant trend monitoring and elaborate self-trials.  We’re here to help, just up to you to do yourself the favor.

Our Story 

The Favor journey started with a fall.  Technically, not really - but a shockingly serious foot injury from a bathroom tumble did in fact lay the foundation for Ben's early research and pursuit of a better way forward for Apple Cider Vinegar consumption.  Bedridden and on painkillers, he utilized his non-Netflix free time to begin his discovery.  

An avid ACV drinker, Ben believed strongly in the benefits but rejected the two things:  First, the widely held acceptance that consumption had to be either a painful and unsafe or elaborate and time-consuming.  And second, the notion that maintaining a generally healthy and active lifestyle requires dedicating excessive amounts of time and resources.  As a former D1 athlete who transitioned to the working world and a fast paced lifestyle, he no longer had ample energy at his disposal.  He knew there had to be a better way and ultimately, the idea of creating that balance is what Favor was born out of.

Enlisting the help of some key players, the team was able to discover that in fact, the dream of creating a safe and drinkable ACV shot, without sacrificing the benefits, was possible!  A litany of taste tests, science experiments and name iterations ensued and a little over a year later, Favor was born.  

We're excited to provide drinkable daily health and share it with the world!  You can stay up to date with all things Favor moving forward via our newsletter soon!

Meet the Team

Ben Wheeler - Founder, CEO