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Favor shots combine convenience and drinkability with real life benefits. We don’t make wild claims and overstate problems, but instead provide better for you shots that encourage an active lifestyle & healthy habits.

Our signature Apple Cider Vinegar shots provide a wealth of healthy gut bacteria leading to better overall gut health, an immune system boost and a healthier heart & brain.

Our aim is to empower self improvement through healthy & approachable shots, it's up to you to do yourself the favor.

Our Story 

A former athlete, Ben found himself in constant search of ways to incorporate daily wellness into his routine.  He stumbled upon Apple Cider Vinegar and immediately fell in love with the overall boost wellness it provided, but rejected the widely held acceptance that consumption had to be painful or require elaborate concoctions. 

Overwhelmed by what he saw on the market, he set out to create a drinkable daily shot that was real and understandable.  Through a litany of trials and taste tests, he discover a better way and found that a safe, better tasting ACV shot - that didn't sacrifice all the benefits - was possible!  

Starting locally in DC, Favor shots can now be found in over 20 retailers in the Greater DMV area.

Meet the Team

Ben Wheeler - Founder, CEO