Who doesn't like shots?  Although we've worked to maximize both benefits & taste, we've packed our shots with enough goodness for a shot to suffice.

ACV Wellness Shots: No, but we do recommend it. 

Matcha Energy & Turmeric & Tart Cherry Restore Shots: Yes.


Not particularly, but see below for time of day recommendations

ACV:  Drink with meals

Matcha:  Morning & Midday energy boost

Turmeric: After a workout or later in the afternoon/evening


Although there is no one time that you need to take each shot, we recommend:

Wellness Shots:  When to take it: First thing in the morning with a meal, if possible.

Energy Shots:  Early morning or a midday pick me up (contains caffeine)

Restore Shots: After exercise or late afternoon/evening

Yes, our Apple Cider Vinegar is Raw & Organic, with the 'Mother', which holds the main sources of ACV health benefits

Only our Matcha Energy shot, which has 42mg of Clean Caffeine

Adaptogens can help your body adapt to mental and physical stress - both short- and long-term. They can also combat fatigue, enhance mental performance and ease depression and anxiety.