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"It not only settles my stomach in the morning but also gives me a pick me up to start the day. Doesn't hurt that it tastes good too!" 

"Favor is the best ACV on the market. The health benefits are undeniable.  One of my favorite being avoiding the post carb meal crash. Do yourself a favor and get some Favor!"  

"The biggest change for me is that I feel I have more energy. I don't get that afternoon slump that I used to get."

"I've always known the health benefits of ACV but never found an appetizing way to drink it. Favor's Cinnamon Honey shots solved that problem once and for all."

"If you are wondering how Apple Cider Vinegar could possibly be enjoyable, try this! The taste is great and I start each morning with a shot. My dad loves them so much I'm going to have to start hiding them from him."

Favor Apple Cider Vinegar shots not only provide me with a multitude of health benefits but the Ginger Lemon Cayenne flavor gives me the spicy kick I need to start my day!