From NYC studio apartment experimenting, to commercial kitchens in DC, to retail store placement across the Mid-Atlantic & Northeast -- a brief look at how we got here!

Meet Ben, Our Slam-Dunk Founder:

Once soaring on the basketball court, Ben transitioned from the high-stakes world of professional sports to the quiet confines of his tiny studio apartment. There, he found a new arena – the kitchen.

Driven by the need to rejuvenate his gut health and reintroduce wellness into his post-career life, Ben embarked on a journey of experimentation. Mixing concoctions in his modest kitchen, he discovered a winning formula that not only made him feel better physically but also sparked a mental transformation.

The Pivot: From Hoops to Health:

Ben's pivot from the slam-dunk culture of basketball to the quiet science of gut health wasn't just a personal choice; it became a mission. The lessons he learned on the court about discipline and consistency became the guiding principles in his quest for overall well-being.

Through trial and error, he unearthed the power of small, consistent habits. Ben realized that the incremental choices we make each day can lead to monumental changes in our health and happiness. It was this realization that laid the foundation for Favor.