The Favor Difference

The Favor Difference

People often ask, "what makes Favor different from other shot companies?"  It's a fair question; there are dozens of companies in the space, each claiming to be the crème de la crème.  Not worrying about what everyone else is doing is half the battle, but not sufficient in most cases.  At Favor, we focus on three pillars:  Real Ingredients, Truthful Benefits, and Simple Consumption.  

Real Ingredients

The ingredients in our shots--and the quality of those ingredients--are at the top of our list of priorities.  Everything that makes its way into a Favor shot is there for a reason, and serves an important role based on its unique profile and use cases.  We do extensive research to ensure the juices and powders we are using are of the highest quality and meet the Favor standard.  We want the contents of our shots to closely resemble what a seasoned health expert would make in their own kitchen, and that means real stuff only.  

Truthful Benefits

There is a lot of confusion and subsequent disappointment in the health space today.  Part of the reason is over-promising and under-delivering on benefits.  Each supplement and wellness product has a laundry list of cures that often results in more questions than answers.  Our shots aren't going to give you superpowers or fix all of our problems overnight, but they are going to help you feel a little bit better, and that's all we're going for.  No crazy claims or magic cures, just a little favor for your body.

Simple Consumption

Drinking a kale smoothie or large fruit juice is a chore.  In today's busy, on-the-go world, people want to make their health routines as quick and painless as possible:  enter, shots.  It takes roughly 0.87 seconds to consume a Favor shot (we've timed it), but you still get all the benefits of a full drink.  Not to mention taking shots is fun.  Whether with your breakfast, after a workout, or to get you through those afternoon meetings, our shots make it easier to get a little boost and get on with your day.

So, with these three ideals always in mind, we'll continue to create an enjoyable shot experience that above all else, does what it says, and makes you feel better!